80w Electrical Equipment Led Power Supply
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  • Min. Order 10 Unit/Units
  • FOB Price US $10-12 /Unit

Item Details

Port: Shenzhen
Supply Ability: 50000 Unit/Units per Month
Payment Terms: L/C,T/T,Western Union,MoneyGram

Product Description

Constant Voltage Driver

-----Professional Waterproof

Protection function

As you see the price base on the quality

Each component is a boutique every process is carved

Production Specification

- 100% full load and high temperature aging test,combined with short circuit protection,overload protection,overvoltage protection,overtemperature protection functions.add provides DC power.

- Low temperature,long service life,wide input voltage range.Good insulating performance,high dielecteic strength.In line with global application standard.

Constant Voltage Driver

Model Power Size (mm) Weight (g) Input Volt Output Volt Current Input Cable Output Cable
LV-12150-05 150W 225*72*42 mm 1300g 85-265V AC
170-265V AC
90-130V AC
100-277V AC
12V 12.5A VDE H03VV-F
3×0.75 mm2
2×0.75 mm2
LV-24150-05 150W 225*72*42 mm 1300g 24V 6.25A
LV-12120-05 120W 225*72*42 mm 1300g 12V 10A
LV-24120-05 120W 225*72*42 mm 1300g 24V 5A
LV-12100-05 100W 225*72*42 mm 1300g 12V 8.33A
LV-24100-05 100W 225*72*42 mm 1300g 24V 4.2A
LV-12080-04 80W 180*72*42 mm 960g 12V 6.67A
LV-24080-04 80W 180*72*42 mm 960g 85-265V AC
170-265V AC
90-130V AC
100-277V AC
24V 3.33A VDE H03VV-F
3×0.75 mm2
2×0.75 mm2
LV-12060-04 60W 180*72*42 mm 960g 12V 5A
LV-24060-04 60W 180*72*42 mm 960g 24V 2.5A
LV-12060-04A 60W 146*52*39 mm 430g 12V 5A
LV-24060-04A 60W 146*52*39 mm 430g 24V 2.5A
LV-12050-03 50W 222*30*20 mm 260g 12V 4.16A
LV-24050-03A 50W 146*42*30 mm 320g 24V 2.08A
LV-36045-02 45W 187*30*20 mm 210g 85-265V AC
170-265V AC
90-130V AC
100-277V AC
36V 1.25A VDE H03VV-F
3×0.75 mm2
2×0.75 mm2
LV-48045-02 45W 187*30*20 mm 210g 48V 0.93A
LV-05045-03 45W 222*30*20 mm 260g 5V 9A
LV-12045-03A 45W 146*42*30 mm 320g 12V 3.75A
LV-24040-02 40W 187*30*20 mm 210g 24V 1.67A
LV-48036-02 36W 187*30*20 mm 210g 48V 0.5A
LV-48030-01 30W 162*30*20 mm 200g 48V 0.83A
LV-05030-03 30W 222*30*20 mm 260g 85-265V AC
170-265V AC
90-130V AC
100-277V AC
3×0.75 mm2
2×0.75 mm2
LV-05025-01 25W 162*30*20 mm 200g 5V 5A
LV-24020-01 20W 162*30*20 mm 200g 24V 0.83A
LV-05015-01 15W 162*30*20 mm 200g 5V 3A
LV-24010-07 10W Φ56×24 mm 120g 24V 0.42A
LV-12005-07 5W Φ56×24 mm 120g 12V 0.42A

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Our Services

Why choose us----LMN

- We have 7 years experience to product and export led driver.

- We are manufacturer who have been exported more than 30 countries.

- Free professional design team can customized design for you;

- Large production capacity that ensnres the shippment on time.

- Sample fee could be returned after the order has been placed.

- 80% staff have more than 3 years working experience.

- We guarantee our products quality and pre-sales and after-sales service.

During all the process since your order is placed, LMN will follow up bulk production, shipment arrangement and post-sales, valuing you most and making every effort to servce you and fulfill your needs in the following aspects.

- Professional QC team monitor quality form start to the end.

- OEM and ODM are available and also welcome.

- Quick responses with full attention

- Fast and safe delivery for samples and order.

- We guarantee our products quality and pre-sales and after-sales service;

- We have passed CE,FCCC,UL,RoHS ect.

Foster long term customer and supplier relationships built on integrity, honesty and loyalty.

According to what we gained in experience in marketing, we are willing to provide some of sales data on hottest products in the local community!!!

1) For small quantity, shipment is prefered to shipping with express by UPS, FEDEX or DHL to meet your deadline on time worldwide basis.

2) For regular mass production, shipments can be arranged by sea, air, door to door, express or economy. Let us know your requirement, we'll try to save your budget and meet deadline.

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1. Q: What kind of input voltage range you could offer?

A: AC90-130V, AC170-265V, AC85-265V, AC100-277V

2. Q: Do you accept OEM/ODM order?

A: Yes, stick your label or design, cable and shell also driver plan could be customized.

3. Q: What is your minimum order quantity (MOQ)?

A: MOQ>1 for regular products, 100 pcs for customized items.

4. Q: What should be paid attention to LED driver?

A: As you may know LED driver is most fragile part in LED lighting, reports indicated 70% failure of LED lighting owing to led driver, if the driver is out of work, then whole lighting is dead, so stay away from inferior driver as it wastes time and money, choose us to avoid trouble and get fame also profit.

5. Q: Can I get a sample for testing?

A: Sure, regular sample is for free, send out within 2 days, customized prodution depends on situation.

6. Q: What is your delivery time?

A: Bulk order within two weeks, small batch order within 3 days after detail confirmation.

7. Q: How about warranty and guarantee?

A: 3 years warranty, replacement will be sent without extra charge for faulty item during guarantee time.

8. Q: What is different between Epoxy Resin and Silicone Gel for sealant potting?

A: (1)Epoxy Resin: Strong and rigid when turn dry, biggest advantage is the hard material bonding force, difficult to open after potting, high hardness and good insulation, temperature resistance within 100 degrees Celsius, the cost is moderate but not easy to repair.

(2)Silicone Gel: Soft and flexible, lower adhesive strength but resistant to high and low temperature, heat curing temperature resistance reach to 300 degrees Celsius, higher cost but good for repair.

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